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Knowledge & Principles “Open mindedness vs closed mindedness”

Truth Portal: “Lies vs Truth What is really happening in the world we live in”

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Ramblings of a Chaotic Mind “Really a ban on Muslims”

KOTR Live Podcast How to Fact check, NoDAPL, and how they use media Religion to keep us divided

KOTR 1st podcast covering topics on how to research and fact check, Religion, News, Politics, and much more. Check out the links below for the videos used in this podcast as well as information on some sites for fact checking and A cause that is worth funding as well as A new and upcoming Businesses.

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Deluded Trump Haters Still Buying Mainstream Propaganda…

Dahboo77 Media Silent As House Passes HR 5732 for Syrian No-Fly Zone, Provoking War with Russia…


Moon Cat Crafts…

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The White House

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The Truth about Wikipedia part 2


The Truth about Wikipedia part 2

On Dec 28 2016 I received a post on the event page on FB that I had created for the 1st video on wikipedia pointing to another article that is locked and that they are having the same issue so I further investigated has I am still waiting to hear back from wikipedia on the other article that I asked for a re-edit or deletion of, still no response. There seems to be a new trend going on which does somewhat violate wikipedia’s terms of service and use policies.

The Truth about Wikipedia

Independent Citizen News…

Wikipedia Pizzagate conspiracy theory…

The Truth about Wikipedia & the article Pizzagate Conspiracy

Wikipedia is not a reliable source for facts

Brain of iCitizenNews has been prussing the claims made by District of Columbia Police Department that was cited and quote in an Wikipedia article titled Pizzagate conspiracy theory which they cite in the debunking section and use as a source to say that the District of Columbia Police Department has debunked this. He wrote the District of Columbia Police Department and email asking about this and the filed a Freedom of Information Act to obtain the investigation report which came back to find that they did not do an investigation. I went to Wikipedia and tried to request a re-edit which was denied and my post in the talk section was deleted by the admin of the article and was deleted.

What most people don’t know is that anyone can edit any article on that site as long as you post your source’s the 6 years I have been on there and using it I have never came across any article that has been locked as this one has been with the only option to do is use the talk section and post your comment and request for a re-edit. This video I will record the process and show you why we shouldn’t use wikipedia as a credible source for information and fact checking.
Independent Citizen News

Wikipedia Pizzagate conspiracy theory