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Ramblings of a Chaotic Mind “Open discussion on Trump plan to destroy LBJ’s amendment “

Knowledge & Principles “Spiritual, psychic, magical Warfare & Mind control”

Truth Portal: “Lies vs Truth What is really happening in the world we live in”

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KOTR Live Podcast How to Fact check, NoDAPL, and how they use media Religion to keep us divided

KOTR 1st podcast covering topics on how to research and fact check, Religion, News, Politics, and much more. Check out the links below for the videos used in this podcast as well as information on some sites for fact checking and A cause that is worth funding as well as A new and upcoming Businesses.

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Deluded Trump Haters Still Buying Mainstream Propaganda…

Dahboo77 Media Silent As House Passes HR 5732 for Syrian No-Fly Zone, Provoking War with Russia…


Moon Cat Crafts…

Kailey Lewis gofundme fundraiser

Drudge Report


The White House

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