Welcome everyone to KOTR live streams and blogs. On this site we will offer many different genres from thee occult to news as well personal stories that we have experienced as well from others experience. Life is a journey one that has many life lessons what I will bring to you is those journeys from my own personal ideas and beliefs as well as those of others.

The Occult communities is vast and filled with many different beliefs and practices, it is the unknown that we seek and do not fear all our views are open minded and meant to share with anyone that seeks them. Only the close minded fear the unknown and change, we must have change to grow and see ourselves freed from the bonds that enslave us and take our free will away and the ability to see the truth and the real reality that is hidden in the illusions of lie’s .

If you have something you would like to share or have posted or if you would like to help out or join me on a live stream feel free to message me and we can talk….


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